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Climate "Geo-Engineering Is Inevitable" Says University of Iowa Law Professor

Bad weather correction ideas!
Wikipedia Uploads - Chemical Trails from Geo-Engineering (Weather Modification)
Previously I've posted on this subject of natural climate creation and Earth's hydrological water cycling mechanisms in the form of the planet's vegetation. Now Synthetic Biology we are told is inevitable.
Everything You Wanted to Know About Climate Change Reversal and Were Sorry You Asked!

An in Depth View of Earth's Climate Creation & Maintenance Mechanisms and the Synthetic Biology Science is Pushing as a Replacement Solution

Every time this subject comes up and the desperate excuse making that generally follows, I get this sick feeling inside, which is clearly one of a sense helplessness. All the activism and protesting in the world hasn't forced Big Business (Science) and it's bed fellow allies in Big Government to change their economic obsession one Iota. Rather than pursue a responsible rebuilding program of Earth's lost vegetative systems, the government answer is to not change how business and industry function, but rather find "Fix-It-Pill" solutions to not so much reverse climate change, but rather artificially replace it with yet another death technology - Geo-Engineering or Weather Modification. 

Jon Carlson
Now there appears no way to stop it's even uglier rise and implementation, so some Law Professors say we should except what is inevitable and create laws to regulate it. Back on December 17, 2012, University of Iowa Law Professor, Jon Carlson said just that. 

Article Source:
With policymakers and political leaders increasingly unable to combat global climate change, more scientists are considering the use of manual manipulation of the environment to slow warming’s damage to the planet.
But a University of Iowa law professor believes the legal ramifications of this kind of geo-engineering need to be thought through in advance and a global governance structure put in place soon to oversee these efforts.
 “Geo-engineering is a global concern that will have climate and weather impacts in all countries, and it is virtually inevitable that some group of people will be harmed in the process,” says Jon Carlson, professor of law at the UI College of Law. “The international community must act now to take charge of this activity to ensure that it is studied and deployed with full attention to the rights and interests of everyone on the planet.” 

Geo-Engineering - University of Oxford
James Martin Geoengineering Ethics Working Group
University of Oxford: "The Ethics of Geoengineering" [Working Draft]

Carlson is an expert in environmental law and international law who believes geo-engineering is inevitable and will likely happen sooner than later. He considers the issue in a new paper, “Reining in Phaethon’s Chariot: Principles for the Governance of Geoengineering,” published in the current issue of the journal Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems. His co-author, Adam D.K. Abelkop, is a UI law graduate now in the doctoral program at the Indiana University School of Public Health and Environmental Affairs.
Carlson says the concept of geo-engineering goes back to at least the 19th century, when scientists proposed seeding clouds to increase rainfall. Today, scientists have a long list of geo-engineering ideas that could be used to slow the impact of global warming while other methods are developed to actually mitigate the damage. Some ideas are simple and locally focused, such as planting new forests to absorb carbon dioxide, or painting roofs and paved areas white to reduce solar heat absorption.
Others are more complex and controversial—manually cooling oceans so carbon dioxide-laden water sinks to the bottom more quickly; building space-based shields and mirrors to deflect solar heat from the planet; or injecting chemicals like hydrogen sulfide or sulfur dioxide into the upper atmosphere, creating an aerosol shield that reduces the amount of solar heat reaching the earth’s surface.
But Carlson says geo-engineering comes with obvious international legal implications because no one country can implement its own geo-engineering plan without causing weather or climate changes in other countries. There’s also the law of unintended consequences, because while many geo-engineering concepts have proved hopeful in the lab, nobody knows what will happen when actually put into practice. For instance, Carlson says that while manually cooling the ocean may be seen as a generally good idea, what impact will that have on farmers in India whose crops depend on rain from heat-induced tropical monsoons?
To address these issues, Carlson urges the creation of an international governing body separate from any existing organization that approves or rejects geo-engineering plans, taking into consideration the best interests of people and countries around the world. He says any legal regimen involving geo-engineering activities should require they be publicly announced in the planning stage, and all countries are notified so they have a voice in deliberations.
As a model for his oversight body, Carlson suggests the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Like the IMF, his proposed organization would give all countries a place during discussions, but decisions would be made by a relatively small group of directors, each of which has a weighted vote that’s based on their country’s greenhouse gas production. That is, countries that produce more greenhouse gases will spend more money to combat global climate change, and so will have more votes.
Carlson’s proposed body would oversee a compensation fund to help people and countries that are harmed by other country’s approved geo-engineering activities, or by unseen effects of those activities.


Tom Snee, University Communication and Marketing, office: 319-384-0010; cell: 319-541-8434

credit: Sascha Pohflepp

"This is an artist's impression of the geo-engineering and   lightning harvesting going on in Nevada"
Credit: National Geographic
Artificial Volcanoes ? Pumping Sulfur into the upper atmosphere to replicate what they think volcanoes do to cool down Earth's atmosphere ? In this case, researchers are talking about "Flying Volcanoes". The retrofitting Air-Force Bombers with industrial spraying equipment for massive scale bombardment of Earth's atmosphere with *cough-cough* life saving chemicals. Samuel Thernstrom of co-director of the Geoengineering Project at the American Enterprise Institute said, "There is no argument for ignorance, we should know more about geoengineering." Unbelievable!

Credit: National Geographic
Dumping Iron into the world's Oceans ? So let's see now, artificially seeding the oceans with iron supposedly will provide a nutrient naturally carried by wind, which in turn encourages growth of Marine Plants called Plankton, which absorb carbon. Funny, haven't ALL of the planet's major cities around the globe been doing this for more than a century now ? The only outcome that has been accomplished is an increase in Jellyfish organism growth that has been observed. What will they think of next ?  
- Quote: "Geoengineering is a lot like chemotherapy," said Climate Institute's MacCracken. "You don't want to do it, but it's better than the alternative."  Again, Unbelievable!
Credit: National Geographic
Now another brilliant idea comes to the table. Fighting Climate Change can be accomplished by painting everyone's roofs white. The public relations scheme on this is paint all the world's roofs white, like these in Burmuda, may be one of the simplest geoengineering fixes to be implemented. It is said that dark roofs 10 to 20 percent of sunlight, whereas so-called cool roofs send as much as 70 to 80 percent of the sun's rays back into space. Okay, that may make an interior cooler in a hot climate, but does anybody really believe this also effects the climate of those areas for the better ?  Ever watch the World News of those over populated jam packed with human beings middle eastern city living in whitewashed cracker box housing ? Or even those high-tech whitewashed Israeli built luxurious looking Jewish Settlement neighbourhoods like the pic below ? Do such concrete jungles really cool things down ?

Credit: L.A. Times - Jewish Settlements
One of the outstanding features of middle eastern cities is all those boring whitewashed buildings. Do you really think they effect climate to make things cooler ? What other normal outstanding feature do you ever find missing in those photographs ? It's called treesshrubs and other vegetation. Vegetation actually cools things down. It also utilizes the sun's energy by manufacturing food and storing it and absorbing carbons. At least that is what we've all been told. Is that now a lie ? Science now knows that even vegetation in hot dry climates actually produce organic aerosol Suncreens for UV protection. For all the logic of using trees and shrubs, there must be no money in that deal or it would have been done long ago. Actually at one time, there is evidence that the surrounding hills around Jerusalem had vast forests of Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis). Look at it today and the surrounding landscape looks more like a moonscape.

Interestingly when you do a Google of almost every and all of the ridiculous ideas being promoted to reverse the effects of Global Warming or Climate Change, you will find some giant Corporation which stands to profit heavily off these "Fix-It-Pill" approaches which in the end only exacerbate the problem and offer no real relief value or change whatsoever. Unfortunately as the headline at the top said, geoengineering is an inevitable reality which cannot be stopped. (makes sense since political policy makers stand to gain career-wise and financially for backing such Techies) So according to the professor, the only answer is regulation. But our world is deluged with regulation in all areas of life and it's still a mess. More and more laws/rules are the thing law firms thrive on in helping  their corporate clients find loopholes. Beware of what and who you put your trust in. At least the article is an acknowledgement of what has been denied all along, that weather modification is a fictional myth promoted only by aluminum helmet wearing conspiracy crackpots on X-Files websites.

Further Reading on Desperate Geo-Engineering Concepts:

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