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How much Reverse Engineering of Earth happens before Humans Admit there's a Problem ?

Unfortunately I woke up this morning and read the latest World News Reports again today and saw this headline: 
"Global Warming Slowdown Hinders Climate Treaty Effort" 
NASA: Arctic Sea Ice September 2013
This headline comes on the heals of a NASA report about the ice cap which as you know covers the Arctic Ocean, shrinks and expands with the passing of the seasons, melting in the summer and refreezing during the long, frigid Arctic winter. However, this year of 2013, cooler weather in the Spring and Summer led to a late start of the melt season and overall less melt. This report comes after some had speculated that Arctic Ice could almost completely disappear during this year's summer of 2013. So what's new, there are some world leaders have their knickers in a twist over the latest findings which effects their personal country's pursuit of unlimited growth of their economies. And that's really what all this is about, nature and climate change are really taking a back seat here. Their not serious, but they have to make themselves look good to their respective public audiences like they're actually doing their job by getting together and discussing it. 

by Ignacio Marquina
While the Earth has had various changes throughout history around the globe, such changes were always localized and hence consequential effects localized as well. For example, recent studies about ancient cultures such as say the Aztecs and Mayan civilizations where they deforested their surrounding landscapes to greedily boost their agrarian based economies brought about ecological collapse in the form of droughts, but droughts specific to that area. And there are other examples to be Googled. But interestingly, such localized phenomena weren't large enough to effect the entire global weather mechanism. Life went on as normal in other parts of the Earth. I post references below. Previously, I have written about how all world empire building requires a massive amount of the earth's Natural Resources .

Animation Source: BBC
Since the industrial revolution however and especially and specifically starting with World War I, the Earth's ecological health has been in slow but steady decline on a global scale. Of course there is also a historical precedent of ecological collapse This can be actually verified by viewing various historical charts and graphs on such subjects as human population growth, weather patterns, increases in CO2s, increases in extreme Temperature anomalies, deforestation, etc, but particularly increases in historical deforestation percentage events seem to precede all all the other increases. Is there a connection ? Hmmm! More on that later. While there seems to be gradual increase throughout the 20th Century, the phenomena particularly shows signs of peaking in recent decades from what I can tell beginning with around 1980, but especially with the Fall of Communism between 1989 - 1990 onward. So why was that ? Communism was a failure and countless millions who lived a life in abject poverty were now free to pursue the very things the western ideologies always seemed to have an abundance of, material comforts and a better way of living. 

Merna Law Group
Interestingly, it wasn't just all the cash poor former Soviet occupied countries that wanted on the gravy train bandwagon, but also almost every poor third world country wanted on board as well. Remember back around that same time when most of the Industrial Lands were outsourcing things like Customer Service to places like Pakistan and India ? People there wanted a better life after generation after generation over centuries of time wanted a piece of the material goods piece of pie. now with former western jobs coming their way, consumerism could be within their reach as well. The problem is, the world leaders are selling off pieces of a Pie they've already previously bought and sold before. So around 1990, everybody wanted on board the Gravy Train and you know, the environmental charts reflect that same identical pattern. It's actually kind of spooky when you view various charts and graphs. Deforestation always taking the lead prior to the others that follow. The only other graph or chart I've found ahead of the historical deforestation is the increase in human population growth. Go figure. It takes natural resources and other material commodities. Isn't it sad when you reflect, ponder and realize that every human being on Earth under the present global system of things the way it is, being equal and having as much comforts and material conveniences as everyone else, is actually a bad thing for the Natural World ? But face the facts, it takes massive amounts of resources to satisfy ALL those needs and wants. It also takes massive amounts of resources to rebuild after all infrastructure is almost completely destroyed either by extreme weather events or this stupid ongoing global drama of war and insurrection which never seems to end. See why the climate change talks are useless, even though they need to be forced to shed light on the issue ?

Suncor's Public Relations Reforestation Page
Now as promised, forests and climate. There's really no need to debate the effects of vegetation removal and climate disruption. I say vegetation removal, because there is more to real ecosystems than just a bunch of giant trees. Yes the trees are great and wonderful and important, but so are Chaparral ecosystems and they are everywhere around the globe, though they differ in make up and structure. Still these serve the same purpose and function as any large old growth forests only on a smaller level. Even desert scrublands. Sadly, did you know these are never really counted in the deforestation charts I've mentioned previously ? So in actual fact, the term should be de-vegetation in the official listing, but it's not. Also something else which is misleading is the fact that such regions like the logging operations where the forest is clearcut or in Tar Sands projects where all vegetation is removed to get at precious oil reserved locked up in minerals, the 1000s of hectares of land they reforest with little trees like the one referenced above in the Suncor promotional photo are actually listed as a real forest. So at least on the books, the total acreage of Earth's forest looks pretty good because they put it all back again. And, since your modern day average human being is disinterested and disconnected from anything to do with Nature and the outdoors, the illusion works on paper. After all, the authorities say so and well, they are after all the authority. In a creepy scary sort of way, the majority still think this living life-support vehicle we call Earth is still fully functional and safe to drive. But how functional can a two year old tree replanting project be at cloud formation, weather moderation and climate maintenance as compared to the old growth forest that once existed previously ? 

I've gotta go back to that John Candy bit and the melted speedometer scene with the Police Officer who pulled them over to the side of the road for safety violations in the film, "Planes Trains and Automobiles" where he makes excuses to the police officer as to why the vehicle is still in a safe and fit mode of operation despite the glaring flaws which he does acknowledge exist. Since I still can't link to any video clip because of living outside of North America, here is a scripted short text of that hilarious conversation. Planes, Trains & Automobiles - Melted speedometer
 Steve Martin: "Oh, great. Great. A cop. Watch it! How fast are you going?"
John Candy: "I can't tell. The speedometer's melted." 
Steve Martin: "Pull over"
John Candy to the Officer who walks up to the driver's door: "Top of the morning, officer. Hi. Is there something I can help you with ?"
Police Officer: "What the hell you driving ?"
John Candy: "We had a small fire last night."
Police Officer: "You have any idea how fast you were going ?"
John Candy: "Funny enough, I was just talking to my friend about that. Our speedometer is melted. So it is hard to say with any degree of accuracy how fast we were gong."
Police Officer: "Ninety seven miles per hour"
John Candy whistles: "Well, yeah. I can buy that. Sure. You'd know better than us, especially since our speedometer's melted."
Police Officer: "Do you feel this vehicle is safe for highway travel ?"
John Candy: "Yes, I do. It's not pretty, but it will get you where you want to go." 
After the officer itemizes all that's wrong and missing from the vehicle, John Candy admitting the flaws, still makes excuses as to why the car works and asks to be let go on his way with only a warning. Any Climate Change debate conversation is almost identical to the script from that movie. It is similar to the excuses given as to why there is no real climate change problem. After acknowledging the environmental flaws, the modifications humans have made and Jerry Rigging humans have done to the planet to keep it on life support, they'll still insist that even though the Earth looks like a complete wreck and clearly has several major safety and life support mechanism violations which have been severely damaged, mankind should only be let off with a warning and be unhindered and allowed to continue on their journey. Pathetic really when you ponder it. While the scene in the movie was hilarious, the reality of Earth's poor health is not.

by Fintan O’Toole (The Irish Times)
Finally I found this as a fitting illustration of where this world is headed. The reality is that not everyone can make or ride the gravy train. Some will fall off or injure themselves trying to climb aboard. Those who make it will only find a precarious spot to hang onto for enduring the ride. What they don't realize it that there is a low tunnel ahead. I guess if you've viewed enough cartoons and know what's going to happen next. Those barely hanging on are going to be forcibly be scraped off. Those who do make through that tunnel in the cramped boxcar don't even realize there is a freight station on the other side waiting to couple up several more loaded boxcars full of people wanting to make Utopian Dreamland by nightfall.  They just can't wait until tomorrow. They gotta ride that train now. Unfortunately on their way to the Promised land, they have to make the journey by crossing over a Bridge on the River Kwai. Any questions ?
Nah, that Climate Change thing is a hoax! 
Further Reading References:
How the Major Historical World Empires Have "Ruined the Earth"
University of Minnesota: Aztec Drought and the "Curse of one Rabbit"
University of Florida: Pre-Columbian deforestation as an amplifier of drought in Mesoamerica
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Study: Deforestation may lead to drought


  1. Many of the climate change deniers have seized on the latest data that warming seems to be tapering off in the last decade or so. What I know from basic chemistry though is that water has a very high specific heat capacity and that is where the heat is likely being stored, and later radiated out into the atmosphere. Unfortunately to expect the average politician, much less the average citizen, to have a basic understanding of chemisty/paleoclimate/long vs short term trends is too much.

    1. Most people are not only ignorant of the science, but out of touch with the natural world as a whole. Right now things are getting so bad and obviously going down hill, everyone should be realizing this. I'm running across former farmers from the 3rd who can't explain what's happening, but that something has definitely changed or shifted with the seasons. Nature Deficit Disorder is a terrible thing to have.

  2. To add one more thing, let's also be honest. People on both sides of this are taking sides for no other reason than political ideological hatred of an opposing worldview of things. When they vote for a guy, it's not so much they believe in that guy, but they have a hatred for the other side no matter who gets in office. Then they spend the next 4 years bashing their own guy in office. Nothing makes sense anymore.


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