Climate Infrastructure Mechanisms Disappearing at Alarming Rates

image: ASEC Systems
There is no doubt that most people never consider the biological component to weather and climate. For most average folks, weather is nothing more than physics and chemicals. Water evaporated off the world's oceans, clouds form with enough cloud mass making a storm heavily loaded with moisture which then proceeds to move over the Earth's land masses called continents and releasing these H2O contents by means of rainfall which benefits everything. From that point water flows by means of gravity back to the sea and the process is repeated. If it were truly that easy, our planet would not be in the proverbial toilette it is presently. Clearly something else is wrong.  

Credit: OCCI.ORG
Everyone has heard of the word 'Plankton', but just exactly what is it ? Plankton is actually a collective term to describe trillions upon trillions of microscopic organisms that live either permanently or temporarily in the surface layers of the world's Oceans. There are basically two main components. 'Zoo-Plankton' which is made up of tiny animal life and 'Phyto-Plankton' made up of single celled algae. The Phyto-Plankton are responsible for producing approximately two thirds of the world's oxygen and they are the main drivers of Ocean aerosols along with salt and ocean's own spray mist which create the cloud formations for construction. But this is only the beginning. Healthy old growth vegetation on the actual landscape can determine how much moisture these storms will or will not release as rainfall. It is therefore highly important that people respect this and consider step by step options when and if they attempt a habitat restoration project. If one or two steps are disregarded, then the entire future of the natural weather & climate mechanism may not function as well decades from installation. 

Credit: UCSC
The rest of this page below is mostly a photo gallery example of areas where natural weather creation, cloud formation and rainfall mechanisms have been removed from the wild landscape. It's irrelevant whether this happens as a result of wildland brush or forest fires or whether deliberately perpetuated on nature through outdated and ignorant usage of Control or Prescribed Burns. It is also irrelevant if it is even some clear cutting logging Venture, which in this day and age is down to a sophisticated scientific innovative art which can clear-cut massive acreages in mere days (no lumberjacks needed). When we're talking Control Burns, I'm not talking about manicuring a clearance next to population centers, I'm talking about the wholesale destruction of wildland vegetation out in the middle of nowhere in a National Forest, Park, Reserve, Preserve or whatever title one wishes to describe any ecological sanctuary. Either way the the effect is the same. First off, photos of natural weather machinery removal and destruction. I'll later follow this up with photos of the machinery in action. As everyone knows, there has been a plethora of mega-fires and all manner of smaller brushfires often times burning all at the same time across the western United States. This doesn't even include the same scenarios happening all across the planet that doesn't get the main stream press attention, nevertheless they are having a negative effect. Take a look at just a few western examples and as you look at the visual scenery which was once beautiful, THINK much deeper beyond mere appearances and reflect and imagine the weather mechanism machinery that has been destroyed and put out of action temporarily. I say temporarily because eventually it will come back, but it will take many many decades of natural repair before any of it's effectiveness will make it's mark, if at all. I say at all because many climate variables and natural phenomena are not behaving as they once did. In the past, small localized disasters which dealt nature a blow locally, even if quite large, were not an issue as these mechanism bounced back quickly. But with the wholesale mega-disasters happening year after year and over almost the entire Earth, the mechanisms from other areas which no doubt no longer exist, are incapable of effectively repairing environments elsewhere.  

(Irfan Khan, Los Angeles Times)
April Sall is a biologist and manager of the Pipes Canyon Preserve, which was 90% burned in last month's Sawtooth fire. It claimed the Joshua trees shown, as well as 1,000-year-old pinon and juniper pines. "This land isn't meant to burn," she says.  Even the often never given a second look deserts are not immune to fires and YES, they also are weather creation mechanisms. They are even less easy to replace.

Photo by Chris Clarke 

"The year we lost the deserts"

Photo by Craig D Allen USGS
Sanchez Dome moonscape. Jemez Mountains New Mexico. Again this is a scene of complete weather mechanism shutdown which when connected to other such events will have consequences well beyond the micro-climate level. Indeed, it will be national and GLOBAL.

Photo credit: Canyon Country Zephyr

Cerro Grand Fire (2000)

Photo by
Eastern and Central Arizona has had more than it's share of Mega-Fires blamed on drought as the cause. Not true, there is a major difference between cause and mere symptom.

Photo by Grant Martin ASU
In this photo and accompanying article, it's the Pine Beetle that gets the blame. The Beetle is a symptom, not a cause. Notice the dry annual grasses moving in ? This means another fire could quite possibly sterilize the ground the follow year given the chance.

Photo: Albuquerque Journal

Bark Beetle killed these Pinyon and Ponderosa Pines in northern New Mexico during the drought years of 2002-2003, but rising temperatures played a key role in pushing the trees to the brink. New Research by a Los Alamos-led team concludes that rising temperatures will make New Mexico Forests far more vulnerable in the future.

Here is a great link below to an article on historical mega-fires, if any. The study showed that for the most part, there were none. under story forest floor burns, but canopy fires were extremely rare. Droughts and Beetles were of no consequences.
Ancient tree-ring records from southwest U.S. suggest today’s megafires are truly unusual
Unprecedented study relies on more than 1,500 years of tree-ring data and hundreds of years of fire-scar records gathered from Ponderosa Pine forests.
Some incredibly pertinent quotes from the article:
"The researchers found that even when ancient climates varied from each other — one hotter and drier and the other cooler and wetter — the frequencies of year-to-year weather patterns that drive fire activity were similar."
 Reeeeeaalllly ?????
"Furthermore, the findings implicate as the cause not only modern climate change, but also human activity over the last century", the researchers said.
Nooo ???? -  Human Activity ??????
"They discovered that the Medieval Warm Period was no different from the Little Ice Age in terms of what drives frequent low-severity surface fires: year-to-year moisture patterns."
Just for the record, what is meant here by Little Ice Age means a time period when the climate was wetter  & cooler As far as the term, Medieval Warm Period, this was said to be a time period of droughts and hotter temps.

Photo by Sally King
'Sky Island': Chronicling a Natural Disaster - by Bob Fisher
Scenes like this over the southwest's mountains and deserts will be a thing of the past if  natural vegetative weather creation mechanisms are vastly destroyed. Recovery may be impossible in case cases. In the western USA, monsoonal moisture may not be utilized to it's full potential. In some cases when it does downpour, it may carry vast amounts of important biological material down stream, ensuring upstream habitats may not recover properly and thoroughly as they would have in the past.

Credit - Timeless Environments
Scenes like the above will be a thing of the past. I'm not necessarily referring to the vegetation cover, that would be obvious. It's the mist resulting not necessarily from storm passing over land, but from vegetation's ability to trigger a phenomena of releasing negative electrical ions into the atmosphere along with many types of Biological Volatile Organic compounds for which microscopic particles serve as nuclei for water molecules to form droplets, hence cloud formation. Such releases also trigger the pleasant refreshing fragrance for which any outdoor enthusiast is familiar with it's intoxicating effect.
This leaves people wondering, what are the viable solutions for reversing this calamitous situation ? Unfortunately the science based solutions are anything but viable options. Habitat restoration projects at best, while many are well meaning, are simply ineffective and the methods used are extremely archaic and outdated. Mostly they are done in places where they attract eye appeal. Areas near where human habitation is prevalent. The San Jacinto Mtns in California - "Palms to Pines Scenic Highway" commerce maintenance agenda is just an example. Also in concluding, the options Science, Governments and Industrial Businesses are offering as solutions are artificial synthetic Biology, much like the failed GMO programs for which Patent acquisitions tell the true motive. If the solution somehow will not show a profit, it is not an option. One note of importance - The below climate weather modification technologies are actually modeled and patterned after exactly what forests do for the actual true weather creation around the Earth. They are not ignorant of how things actually work. But rebuilding natural systems does not make the big money like these SCI-FI futuristic mechanic devices do.
image: Meteo Systems International


Most of the weather modification and geo-engineering innovations being pimped Industrial Big Business are as ridiculous as the last illustration in this gallery. People are going to have to start questioning who and what they are putting their trust, loyalty and confidence in. For all the big talk about skepticism, Free Thinking and Rationalism, very little of it seems to be making any type of true logical environmental sense.
Further Reading references from above photos:

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