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Extinction Phenomena: Should We be looking under Boards and Rocks too ?

credit: Spectrum Analytic
The conspiracy sites abound with all manner of rumors of the evil government programs of geo-engineering and other weather modification projects. The detrimental effects of the junk they are spraying from retrofitting former Bombers for weather modification for rain making and it's accumulation within forest soils. Aluminum being one of the most controversial components of the cloud formation particulates used for droplet formation. I don't necessarily like the conspiracy sites as they seem to sensationalize such potential ecological ruin with a obsessive passion normally found on the conventional News Stations where all manner of daily human suffering is reported with such an enthusiasm as to repulse an otherwise interested concerned viewer. But unfortunately humans seem to have that tendency to be attracted to such stories as a form of bizarre entertainment and I think that is where the conspiracy sites gain their momentum. However, the stories of cloud seeding and geo-engineering become more and more believable as more believable sources like the U.S. Military even now admitting on their own websites that this is what they are involved in and have been working on for years.[decades] So the rumors become more and more believable with each passing month as more reports and desperation of the times demand government's somehow fix the global ruin of weather mechanisms.
See the sites:  (USAF Air University: Center for Strategy and Technology) and (United States Naval Research Laboratory)

Normal Root Tip & Damaged One
There are relevant links at the very bottom of this post to weather modification as a weapon, but let's go back now to the possible effects of toxins found in rain and their effects on plant growth. It's basically not whether such toxins are the results of geo-engineering cloud seeding or pollution from all other human inventions like Factories, Energy Generation Plants, Automobiles etc. But the facts remain that such a chemical contamination within rain does exist no matter what the source and hence the decades long research into development of aluminum resistant plants has been going on. Especially so since the 1970s when all the News we heard was about "Acid Rains" , remember ??? Take the upper photo at the very top of this post. It is well known that aluminum toxicity can inhibit plant growth. The difference in the foliage from both of these Wheat plants are apparent from our above ground viewing vantage point. But what about underground, what happens there ? That's where the next magnification image above left helps us see things more clearly. Numerous studies have shown that as a defense against aluminum toxicity, plants will restrict their intake of water and nutrients. Of course this weaken the plant as can be observed above ground. But below ground, mycorrhizal colonization can also be restricted. The above image may also offer clues. The damaged root tip no longer has a normal functional root cap. When I was first interested in mycorrhizae back in the late 1980s and learning from Dr Donald Marx of PHC in his workshops, he said that germination of PT Mycorrhizae is triggered by the root tip cap actually coming into direct contact with the fungal spore. The spore will do nothing when or if it just touches any part of a woody root structure, but it's that root cap that is vital. Again, from that illustration above, the root tip on the right is mutated to the point of not have the same function and colonization may be impossible, hence further reduction in plants ability to obtain the healthy amounts of water and less nutrient uptake for the tree or shrub to survive. 
(I'll post relevant links at the bottom)

Could Acid-Rain be Killing Us ?
Okay, okay, so I got side tracked a bit. So what does all of that have to do with the Killer Rains otherwise known as Acid Rain ? I'll use this term killer rains as the modern day chemical makeup of rainwater appears to be deadly now days in certain areas over a long period of time. When I visited my former property this past Spring, I believe that more was going on than simply a lack of good rainfall. For some years now I have noticed changes in the wild with regards plant growth and foliage health. I have seen it here in Sweden and on my last two visits there in California, but especially this past Spring 2013. Here in Sweden, it was last year's [2012] growth on all broad leaf trees and shrubs that was attacked and eaten by all manner of insect pests and diseases and any and all fruit production [berries, apples, cherries, etc] was almost ZERO in both the wild and urban gardens and landscapes. This Spring almost everything Evergreen [Cypress, Juniper, Yew, Fir, some pines, etc] are either complete dead or halfway there. [ See Here ] This problem also is both in the Wild and Urban Landscapes. Urban landscapes I've always understood why bad things happen as a result of ignorance and mismanagement, but never so thoroughly deep in the wilds. Scandinavia in general is also known for ill effects from Acid Rains which originate from industrial central Europe like Germany and Poland. This is what I noticed with regards Manzanita and Sugar Bush (Rhus ovata) this past Spring in San Diego & Riverside Counties. Both are struggling in many places. The recovery of chaparral after Fire has also been radically slowed when you compare passed performance of where it traditionally always sprang back with a regrowth vengeance. Not this time. Take a look below of my old place and two year photo comparisons and ask yourself, "What is causing all of this ?".
Photo: Mine
This photograph was taken by me in April 2013. The reason I took this shot was because of the major foliage decline of the two Big Berry Manzanita shrubs and the fact that when I last viewed both of these shrubs in July of 2011, they were the perfect picture of  vibrant health and beauty for which they are known. I actually have two pictures, not the same angle, but illustration of what has happened since 2011. See if you can see what I mean below.
Photo: Mine
The Manzanita on the very right side of the photo is the same as the photo above on the right side. This shrub or small tree was very healthy, although I had concerns over the present owner's major chaparral removal which often times for unknown reasons, will kill Manzanita on people who clear land and leave only what they consider shrubs worth saving, like Manzanitas.
Photo: Mine
This Manzanita was the prize of the entire property when We first purchased it in 2005. This pathetic looking skeleton is only a fraction of it's former glory. If I have old pictures of it, they are the old Kodak type and buried away in boxes somewhere. But now look over on the right side above at the gal in the pink shirt. That is the Manzanita on the left side of that top photo. Both shrubs which were healthy in 2011 are now in danger of failing completely. Whatever negatives have been going on inside the soil has been going on for some time now. The large tree in the middle was once 10 times the spread of what you see here. It made me sick when it started dying back in the early 1990s. This tree had large branches that grew up into the sky, then angled down to the ground, proceeded to re-sprout roots where it touched the ground and grow out and upwards again, mostly to the west and southern exposure of the main tree trunk. There are some other puzzling indicators that lead  me to believe something other than mere drought conditions are causing these issues of plant growth and health decline. 
I've started wondering and reflecting lately if something underground that we don't see is perhaps also in decline. When plants decline we look for pests and disease we can detect on the plant itself. If nothing is present to the naked eye, then is it merely dying from old age ? It's so easy (& natural) to take note of all the LARGE living Flora & Fauna  we are familiar with when disappears from the landscapes they once occupied and worry or wonder, "Hey what's going on ?"  Humans by nature are very materialistic minded with little attention any more given to the spiritual side of things. (spiritual - things invisible to the material eye) That's where the expression, "out of sight makes out of mind", takes on more meaning than you may realize when it comes to environmental issues. Has anyone ever considered with all the excitement in the Eco-Activist world, that there just may be a major rapid decline of soil organisms or even the possible extinction of some species ? Even the smaller hidden insect critters which till and work the soil, generally go unnoticed as many are either permanently underground or only come out at night to perform their biological ecosystem maintenance tasks. The foundation for the material life on earth's surface (aside from water) is it's countless trillions upon trillions of microbiological organisms and other millions of species of nanocritters. I've always often thought that they truly never get the real respect they deserve. 
For example, back in 2006 before I left El Cajon CA to move to Sweden, in my mum's landscape under the mulch were literally thousands upon thousands of Sowbugs and Pillbugs (Rolly Pollies). When I was a kid, you could pull up a rock or log and find all manner of sowbugs, pillbugs, earwigs etc. This past Spring of April 2013 when I went back to visit, I noticed while I was cleaning up the landscape and trimming shrubs and trees within the woodland garden, I had a tough time finding many and I deliberately looked for them too. Why ? You see, when I first established that woodland theme back in 2002 and applied generous portions of mulch over the top of the soil for moisture retention and it's aesthetic value, I found that the ecosystem there inside the soil broke down the mulch rather rapidly. The system literally thrived.  I really wasn't expecting that. So for a few years before coming here, I was in the habit of bring over several truckloads a year of mulch I received for free and applying it onto the surface of the landscape. Three four times a year this would be applied and almost immediately the new material was broken down. Earthworms, sowbugs, pillbugs, earwigs, mycorrhizae, bacteria and the list is endless of other beneficial soil nano-machines which recycled the decaying vegetative debris by consuming and pooping it into the surrounding soil which in turn benefited the plants greatly. But most people don't have this view of critters in their gardens and landscapes, why ?

Perform a short Google on Pillbugs and/or Sowbugs. What's the number one viewpoint they are associated with in the description of them ? Perhaps it's something similar to  what the University of Kentucky says about them on their website: "Sowbugs and Pillbugs are similar-looking pests . . " and it continues. Now this is coming from a Science Research website of Higher Education. While it does mention their major contribution to the consumption of dead decaying organic matter, it nevertheless calls them pests and/or nuisances. So do most of the other links on the next couple of pages, generally companies seeking to sell their wares of magical toxic Chemical Elixirs to eradicate the pests. So any education from the start is basically squashed like so many insects. When I was a kid we had them, but they were always kept in check by the chickens who scratched the mulch in search of such goodies. These domestic foul actually simulated what takes place in nature with many ground foraging birds who accomplish the same task by rummaging through the dander underneath most trees and shrubs. Even still, I have seen less and less of these much maligned critters. But does anyone else notice this ? Is it important ? As time goes on, real Science of discovery and wonder realizes (too late) the importance of many things humans have killed and eradicated for whatever reasons. So it's an educational problem. 

Other things that have perplexed and concerned me are the lack of many beneficial microbiological organisms which should normally be found in very healthy populations out in the wild, but there's a feeling they are disappearing. One of my reasons for feeling this way is the very positive response of some surrounding chaparral shrubs for which I utilize as Mother Trees or Nurse Plants for newly planted forest trees. I've been informed and criticized for inoculating to soil around transplants when out planting in the wild. The reasons given are, "well the microscopic spores are everywhere in the wild, therefore you don't have to inoculate" . Really ? Than why do neighbouring Scrub Oak come to life when their roots connect with a Jeffrey Pine sapling I've just planted and inoculated with a mycorrhizal blend which contains Pisolithus tinctorius. Now the question is, "Wasn't this fungi already present along with countless others ?"  What happened to "the spores are everywhere in the air" ? I know, it's not much to look at, but boy it sure creates a rich flush of growth within the host plant community for which it is present. To most folks the truffle from PT Mycorrhizae looks no more than like some Dog's turd. It's true and it's one the the identifying characteristics I look for when hunting them. Which brings me to another important observation this past Spring 2013. I went to all the traditional collecting locations I had frequented in the wild for decades and there was nothing. No truffles. Even the place where I worked which was an urban setting, there were these Canary Island Pines which produced truffles at their root drip line base and that of Australian Bottlebrush for the almost 5 years I was there every single year and there was nothing. So what's happening ? This leads me to the point I made at the beginning here at the top of the page. Could it be the chemistry makeup of the junk that may be infecting our planet's rainfall content ?

Recently, [actually for decades) there has been talk of the detrimental effects on vegetation with regards Acid Rain. Mostly this was really hit hard on back in the late 1970s and 1980s, then it sort of died out. Now it's back in the news and with good reasons. Monday August 26, Eurekalert published the article,  "Eastern US water supplies threatened by a legacy of acid rain"  , from a research study by the  Cary Institute  , which researched  the effects of Acid Rains on forest soils and fresh water availability. Another paper on the effects of Acid Rain on mycorrhizal root colonization and root hair development was by Penn State's - College of Agricultural Sciences. The title is  Acid Rain: Implications for Forest Productivity . Like the Cary Institute's paper, it referenced the acid's ability at dissolving locked up chemical compound like limestone which makes the water more alkaline, but also dissolves aluminum which would normally be locked within mineral, but set free to create a type of toxicity for fungal growth and tree root colonization. Plants themselves with actually shut down nutrient and water uptake as a defensive measure, but that weakens them as you know. Here is a vital paragraph from that paper:
"When acid precipitation moves through the soil, chemical processes take place which  allow aluminum to break away from tightly held sites on particles of soil clay. The  aluminum is then dissolved in the soil water. If the soil water has a pH less than about  5.4, the aluminum in solution is generally toxic. As German scientists describe it,  aluminum under these conditions destroys or at least inhibits the function of the fungal  mycorrhizae and small root hairs of the trees."
"Aluminum toxicity is believed to be a primary factor in limiting plant root development,  i.e., depth and branching, in many acidic subsoils of the southeastern United States.  Disruption of the mycorrhizae and small roots seriously affects the ability of trees to take  in nutrients and water, and may even affect the trees' defense against natural pests and  diseases. With this deterioration in root function, the vigor of the trees is reduced and  may cause lower productivity or death in the most severe instances. For example, oak  trees subjected to gypsy moth caterpillars or drought may experience greater mortality  than expected if also under stress from acid precipitation."  
Interesting read and I encourage reading that entire paper to understand acid rain effects not just on forests, but every type of plant community around the globe. One of the things I mentioned was above is the problem of climate change and the terrible solution of geo-engineering or weather modification to reverse this downward weather trend, but in an unnatural artificial manner. This really isn't exactly new, it's been happening for some time, but the accumulation and toxic buildup of a point where nature is now being effected is new. For example, Russian authorities authorized the use of rain making weather modification over Chernobyl to prevent radiation release through west to east storm rainfall from reaching and releasing it's deadly contents on Moscow. This was actually reported on in the British news journal, The Telegraph in the article entitled -  'How we made the Chernobyl rain' .  Unbelievably and most sickening is the press release a few hours ago of world leaders embracing Weather Modification to counteract the effects of climate change which has brought drought and freakishly severe storms to many parts of the Earth. Once again, the Telegraph brought to everyone's attention the global meetings which have been arranged for discussing this proposal. Here is the post of a few hours back:  Scientists are attempting to control the weather by using lasers to create clouds, induce rain and even trigger lightning  No attempt at discussing anything about rebuilding Earth's natural weather creation mechanisms (Various Forests and other Vegetation Communities) or actually curbing the irresponsible industrial activities which have caused this mess in the first place. 

 But how can you educate an average global population of humans being mostly disconnected from the Natural World around when they are distracted by the artificial one Industrial Science has created for them ? How can you explain the extreme importance of things like Fungus, Bacteria, Insects and other beneficials they have mostly indoctrinated into believing are basically evil to the clean modern day sterile science-based world those in charge have provided for them ? It's hard to convince people to fight for something they mostly hate or have no idea exists or the danger to continued life on Earth if they are lost. With the discoveries good science have revealed, one has to believe that it really is that easy to find real world solutions for changing things around. But something holds things back. What is it ? If you are a regular viewer who get's their science from Discovery, History or National Geographic Channels, then don't hold your breath for much truth on the matter. The latest scientific focus appears to be on Ancient Aliens who once visited and colonized and ran the Earth and governed all of it's inhabitants while providing amazing technologies for building great civilizations. Wow, maybe these aliens are still around and preventing mankind from progress out of jealously. Okay, but is there a better explanation ? What do you people think ? What leadership will you believe in and follow ? Though this sounds absurd, it nevertheless is uncanny why this World's leadership continues on rejecting the real science. Remember, your life and that of your descendants may depend on the irresponsible decisions they make. Now, real quick, start looking under all those boards and rocks. Maybe you've been missing something important all these years ?  Turn around and counteract the ill effects brought on by "Nature Deficit Disorder" !!!  
 Interesting Reading References: *

Image: United States Air Force University
They said on this site that they were working on owning the weather for military purposes  and they would create clouds as mirrors for pin pointing specific enemy targets on ground. This was back in 1996 as referenced in the link below. The image below here from this  year 2013 shows that they have already done this with HAARP. No conspiracy website, just an admission from their own Military pages. The facts are that they are not even pretending any more or attempting to hide anything from the public. Fix-it-Pill technological artificial advances as opposed rebuilding back up the biological mechanisms seem to be the scheme of choice no days. The potential for growing economies is considered far more more important than rebuilding what was lost out in nature. The attitude of "Damned if we do, Damned if we don't" takes precedent here as continued building economies to avert Social chaos is considered the lesser evil from global biological degradation. In the case of natural world mechanisms which drive and moderate weather systems, the artificial innovations are deemed doable to counteract human needs for raw materials to keep their consumerism going unchecked. 

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

US Naval Research Laboratory (Feb 2013)
Sequence of images of the glow plasma discharge produced with transmissions at the third electron gyro harmonic using the HAARP HF transmitter, Gakona, Alaska. The third harmonic artificial glow plasma clouds were obtained with HAARP using transmissions at 4.34 megahertz (MHz). The resonant frequency yielded green line (557.7 nanometer emission) with HF on November 12, 2012, between the times of 02:26:15 to 02:26:45 GMT. 

NRL Scientists Produce Densest Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP

credit: Pakistan Media Watch (2010)
The article claimed: "HAARP Conspiracy Debunked By Preeminent Pakistani Nuclear Scientist" Unfortunately a lot has changed since then. Yes Conspiracy Sites are a dime a dozen these days,  but more and more evidence being reported shows that such ambitions by men/women in power have no limits. Especially with a major military and economic Super-power like the USA, they have no plans for giving up their position any time soon. That's why such technological research continues on. It's certainly not a responsible thing to pursue, but  this is how this world works.

Some major News Today: 
Scientists are attempting to control the weather by using lasers to create clouds, induce rain and even trigger lightning.


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